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How Specialist Pilates Equipment Enhances Your Workout

Today, I wanted to share with you more information about the specialised equipment that a Traditional Pilates studio must have and about the benefits you’ll see …

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How We Precision-Target Muscles to Exercise More Efficiently

This week on the YouTube Channel, find out why Precision is one of the six core principles of Pilates, and how targeting specific muscles can help us …

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Minimum Effort, Maximum Effect: Toning Your Figure With Pilates

There exists an awful phrase to describe how the body changes its distribution of weight with age, the ‘middle age spread’. While it is entirely …

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Why Go to a Pilates Studio Instead of a Group Class?

This week on the YouTube Channel I’m explaining the difference between traditional pilates studios (like us!) and bigger group classes that are popular these days. LET US …

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How Pilates can Support You After Breast Cancer Surgery

Thank you for joining me today. I want to talk you about how Pilates can support your wellbeing after breast cancer surgery. When you feel …

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My Journey to Pilates

This week on the YouTube Channel I’m sharing how I went from taking the mickey out of Pilates to teaching it for 20 years! LET US KNOW WHAT …

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