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Weight Loss and Pilates

Often, people come to the studio and ask about whether Pilates is an effective weight loss exercise. This is an understandable question as many people …

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Stretch in just 10 Minutes a Day

It’s Monday morning, you get up, what part of your body groans or niggles at you? Notice the area that is the tightest on your …

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Meet Chris Blagdon

To meet Chris Blagdon is like a breath of fresh air. His zeal for life and warmth radiates around his studio. New to the marketing …

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The Six Principles of the Pilates Method

Pilates is not one of those exercises that you can do whilst multi-tasking thoughts in your head, as many of you will know from our …

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Joseph Pilates and the First Pilates Studio

If you missed the first of our two-part series on the life of Joseph Pilates, then you can read it here. This week we continue with …

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Joseph Pilates: The Beginning

Pilates is often compared to Yoga, which everyone knows has been practiced for centuries. But did you know that the origins of Pilates only goes …

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