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A Quick Guide to Improving Hunched Shoulder Posture

Hello, dears! Hunched or rounded shoulders are one of the postures we see most often in the studio (and once you see it, you’ll start …

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No New Year’s Resolutions: 4 Small, Achievable Changes for a Happier 2017

Hello, dears! It’s common knowledge at this point that New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work for most people. The very nature of them makes them …

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Merry Christmas!


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5 Curious Challenges To Do Just Because

Hello, dears! Again, I’m going to continue the Life-Changing Challenges series. Because I think new challenges are good for everyone – they can introduce us …

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The Benefits of Having Plants in Our Studio

Just a quickie today! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! What would you like to see us cover in upcoming videos? We’d love to hear …

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3 Thrilling Ways to Expand Your Mind

Hello, my dears! Allow me to continue the Life-Changing Challenges series this week, where I share some fantastic challenges to undertake which will shake up your …

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