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4 Ways to Ease a Stiff Neck

Got time for a quick coffee break? Check out these four quick tips for taking good care of your neck, especially if it’s stiff or …

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6 Exhilarating Ways to Push Your Body

Hello! Recently, I introduced a new topic to the blog: Active Ageing. I’m thrilled to introduce a new series on the topic: Life-Changing Challenges. Today, …

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Life Can Be Your Pilates Class

This week on the YouTube Channel, take a coffee break, and let’s chat about how you can bring Pilates into your everyday life. LET US KNOW …

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How to Get Better Sleep

We all know we should be getting better sleep. There’s nothing like a sleepless night to ruin what might have been a good day, and …

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Simple Exercises for Bad Knees

This week on the YouTube Channel, we’re talking about bad knees – if you find stairs, hills or getting in and out of the bath painful, …

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How To Build Energising Morning Habits

Mornings really do set you up for the rest of the day. Just think about the difference between a day where you wake up easily, …

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