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    The Edinburgh Pilates Centre

    Concentration. Breathe. Precision. Empowerment. Control. Flowing Movement.

    What is Pilates? - Edinburgh Pilates Centre


    Pilates is a non-aerobic method of exercising by lengthening and strengthening all the major muscle groups in a balanced way.

    The Six Principles - Edinburgh Pilates Centre


    Pilates is not simply a collection of exercises, it is a method which  follows a set of basic principles.

    What is Pilates? - Edinburgh Pilates Centre


    If you would like to see how Pilates
    works, you are invited to make an
    appointment to come and visit
    The Edinburgh Pilates Centre.

    A common structure of an Edinburgh Pilates Centre class

    Pilates is the perfect fitness system for those who need to put emphasis on breathing, alignment, establishing a strong core & enhancing coordination as well as balance. In our specialised Pilates classes, we deliver holistic approaches to people of all levels. The first thing we mainly ask our beginners is “how are you?” If you’ve been coming for a while this has probably been running through your mind on the way to class.

    In our Pilates classes, we teach you to scan your body and mind looking for messages they are sending. This may be in the form of feelings, pains [sharp or dull], recurring thoughts in the mind, body temperature, emotional states, stiffness in the body etc. – anything that may affect your approach to class.

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