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A Weight On Your Shoulders

Behind the shoulders can linger lots of pain and aching muscles, and only women suffer. Today I’m talking to you about the pain many women with a large bust suffer from, muscular aches between the shoulder blades affecting the rhomboid muscles. This pain results from a body working in a muscular imbalance, creating aches, pains and posture problems.

As every woman knows, getting measured for a correctly fitting bra is crucial (anecdotal evidence suggests a THIRD of women are wearing the wrong size, that’s right, a THIRD!) – if you’re suffering from upper back pain and spasms your rhomboids, this is the most important first step.

The second is to bring your body back into muscular balance, and that’s where Pilates can provide relief.

The muscles across your shoulders and rhomboids can be seriously overworked if you have a large bust- even if you’re wearing a supportive bra. Pilates helps to strengthen all muscles equally (so that they take their fair share of the workload), supports the development of a strong core and improves posture, which ensures you can breathe better and enjoy more energy as a result.

Pilates can ease your discomfort, improve posture, core strength and energy and help your body support your bust without causing you aches and pains.

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