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    If you would like to see how Pilates works, you are invited to make an appointment to come and visit The Edinburgh Pilates Centre. An instructor will show you around, allowing you to experience the calm atmosphere and note the simplicity of the exercises. If you decide you would like to give it a try, you will be asked to fill out a form giving your medical history and details of any injuries and current treatments. If necessary, you will be asked to bring a letter from your GP or specialist before you start.

    At the first session, your posture will be assessed by an instructor, who will point out any imbalances and asymmetrical aspects. You may be surprised by the faults they pick up, but don’t worry – we all have them at first. Over the next few sessions your instructor will show you the basics of the method and help you to develop an individual programme that works for your needs. Thereafter you will use the Pilates studio to do your own personal class, under the constant supervision of your instructor.


    Pilates is not simply a collection of exercises, it is a method which follows a set of basic principles. You need to be familiar with these six principles before starting to do the movements. The Pilates Method has been carefully developed and refined through use and observation over the last sixty years, its principles based on a solid, practical approach [no mysticism or divine intervention here!].


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