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The benefits of developing your strength


Today I want to talk to you about the essential benefits of maintaining strength. You might have heard the statistic that our bodies lose 1% of muscle a year after age 40. To preserve and develop muscle strength your immediate thoughts may be: ‘I’ll have to join a gym, lift weights, wait to use sweaty machines…urgh.” If the idea of blaring music in a crowded, sweaty gym makes your heart sink it doesn’t mean that you can’t weight train.

Allow me to convince you of the benefits of developing muscle strength.

  1. strengthYou’ll enjoy increased vitality, retaining the ability to do everyday tasks (like carry bags of shopping for example) and physical strength needed to prevent and recover quicker from falls and accidents.
  2. Working out offers your body an outlet for stress, aiding sleep and relaxation.
  3. Weight-bearing exercises, like strength training, helps maintain bone density and fights against osteoporosis.
  4. Healthy, active muscles help you control your weight more easily, helping to maintain an active metabolism, which fights against creeping weight gain.

Pilates is ideal for developing and maintaining muscle strength, safely and in the case of the Edinburgh Pilates Centre in beautiful calm surroundings.

To improve your muscle strength with Pilates, you must go to a traditional Pilates studio. Pilates classes at a gym by and large focus on mat work. To develop strength in a balanced way you need access to the full range of Pilates equipment, like the reformer or the Cadillac. Be sure to ask if they have these.

If you’re keen to enjoy some of the benefits from developing muscles strength get in contact.

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