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    Welcome to The Edinburgh Pilates Centre blog! Here you'll find all the latest news from the centre and articles regarding pilates.

    Pilates For Balance and Strength

    Each day we utilize our body’s ability to balance (maintain a controlled body position), yet we rarely train it specifically during exercise. The skill of …

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    How Pilates Can Help Reduce Stress

    Now that we’re well on our way into the New Year, we hope everyone has managed to keep up with Pilates over Christmas. As we …

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    Keeping up with Pilates Over Christmas

    Busy periods of time, like Christmas, can often show us that life itself can be your Pilates class. Keeping up with pilates over Christmas doesn’t …

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    How Pilates Can Help with Arthritis

    Suffering from arthritis (chronic inflammation and swelling of the joints) can severely impact your day to day life. Here, at The Edinburgh Pilates Centre, you …

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    Pilates Warm Up Exercises

    Warming up prior to exercise and cooling down is extremely important if you are to avoid injury. The objective of our warm up exercises is …

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    He’s Back! Returning to Pilates after a Break

    Sometimes it’s necessary to take time out of your busy life to re-energise and recuperate. And the Summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to do …

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