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    Welcome to The Edinburgh Pilates Centre blog! Here you'll find all the latest news from the centre and articles regarding pilates.

    Reasons to get yourself enrolled in a Pilates Class

    Health and fitness have taken a back seat in the years of the pandemic. No matter how much you’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle …

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    How Do Pilates Help During Menopause Phase?

    During their menopause phase, the women experience natural oestrogen decline that eventually leads to higher visceral fat mass levels along with the decrease in mass …

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    How Do Pilates Help In Managing Lower Back Pains?

    About half the population complains of suffering from lower back pains, but a better count has begun to accept Pilates as the conservative treatment of …

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    How Do Core Fitness Pilates Assist With Long Term Care After Physiotherapy?

    Core fitness pilates is truly great for body conditioning and strengthening the corporeal frame. Scientifically proven to be effective for long-term maintenance for the functional …

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    Pilates For Balance and Strength

    Each day we utilize our body’s ability to balance (maintain a controlled body position), yet we rarely train it specifically during exercise. The skill of …

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    How Pilates Can Help Reduce Stress

    Now that we’re well on our way into the New Year, we hope everyone has managed to keep up with Pilates over Christmas. As we …

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