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Breaking Bad Habits

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breaking bad habitsI want to talk about perhaps one the most important benefits of Pilates – becoming acutely aware of your body’s movements.

Pilates teaches your precision and control in your movement. To perform the deceptively simple exercises well, you must take your time and focus on exactly what muscles are in use and how. But how does that translate into real life? It means that you can break bad habits of movement you were unaware of, and potentially ease stiffness and pain.

For example, imagine a professional dancer. Like all dancers, they are physically very fit, but that does not mean their body is in balance and pain-free. Despite their physical fitness, they’re could be suffering from a painful lower back. Through Pilates, they can learn how their automatic movements are a contributing factor to their lower back pain. By becoming fully aware of how they use their body and changing their routine movements alongside regular Pilates classes, they can help ease the pain.

It’s an invaluable skill to learn for everyone, especially if you suffer joint or posture problems. For example, you may discover that sitting with your legs crossed is perhaps one of the contributing causes of your back pain, or that you stand all your weight on one leg, which contributes to your knee stiffness. Which bad habit you discover will be unique to you and your lifestyle. This discovery comes from a small Pilates studio with hands of teaching is needed for expert guidance and encouragement.

If you’re tempted to try Pilates, and to learn how to break bad habits, why not get in contact with us first to see how we can help you live an energised life!

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