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Can you take Pilates classes if you have arthritis?

I want to talk today about the serious condition of arthritis and Pilates. Pilates doesn’t cure such a condition, but it can help support your arthritic joints and improve flexibility.

Firstly, if you do have arthritis and want to try Pilates, speak to your doctor about your intent to get their OK and go to a traditional Pilates studio like ours. You must have your posture assessed, and routine tailored to you AND your arthritis.

Pilates with arthritis

Secondly I would strongly recommend that you only go to a studio for Pilates, not a gym class. As Pilates gym classes are one size fits all, you run the risk of a: not getting the full benefits or b: causing more pain to yourself. Pilates classes taken in small classes ensures that the teacher is on hand to always monitor your progress and ensure that you don’t push yourself too far.

For example, you have arthritis in your right knee joint. It’s very painful and inflamed, so you try not to lean on it too much, instead favouring your left leg. After a while, you may feel that your left leg is sore or ‘acting up’, as the muscles are overworked and compensating for the increased pressure. A tailored Pilates routine would strengthen the muscles around the right knee, make your aware of your habitual movements that were placing a strain on both knees, increasing your flexibility and energy levels.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, if you’ve got any questions about taking Pilates classes as an arthritis sufferer don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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