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    The first thing you’re asked on beginning a class is “how are you?” If you’ve been coming a while this has probably been running through your mind on the way to class. We teach you to scan your body and mind looking for messages they are sending. This may be in the form of feelings, pains [dull or sharp], body temperature, recurring thoughts in the mind, emotional states, stiffness in the body etc. – anything that can affect your approach to class.

    The teacher may give you a quick once over to see if there is anything obvious that needs attending to. After another brief discussion we’ll start with the warm up.
    The Warm Up is a collection of exercises repeated in most classes. They work with the body from the centre out. Breathing and relaxation is first, followed by working the central deep pelvic and abdominal muscles. We progress with spinal mobility, adding the glutes and latts – gradually working outwards from the centre.

    The advantage of repetition is the patron can learn what a given exercise is capable of and can tailor the exercise to their current state of being themselves. If someone is alert mentally they will perform an exercise differently than if they were agitated or tired. Giving a client this understanding allows them to be aware of their current state and to be able to make effective decisions on how to work their body to achieve their own desired effect.


    All classes are by appointment and last for 1½ hours, being available every ½ hour. The following table shows the current opening times for the Studio:

    Monday – 4pm – 6.30pm

    Tuesday – 9am – 10.30am

    Wednesday – 5pm – 7pm

    Thursday – 10am – 12.30pm and 5pm – 7pm

    Friday – 10am – 12.30pm

    Saturday – 9am – 11.30am

    All classes are taught on an individual basis with no more than five experienced Patrons at one time. This allows for close personal facilitation of your class. Bookings are tailored so there are fewer patrons in the studio if they are not very experienced or need more attention.


    Assessment class: £63.00 [Concession class: £53.00]
    Single class:
     £45.00 [Concession class: £38.00]
    Block of 10 classes: £385.00 [Concession classes Block of 10: £340.00]
    Block of 25 classes: £950.00

    [Blocks of classes to be taken within 6 months]

    Concession rates are available for the following:

    • Senior citizens
    • Equity members
    • Unemployed
    • Disability benefit holders
    • Students
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