Combat Joint Stiffness at the Edinburgh Pilates Centre

Combating Joint Stiffness With Pilates

Hello! Thank you for joining me today, I want to talk to you about the irritation that plagues us all as we grow older. Joint stiffness.

Joint StiffnessStiffness can make life so difficult as we age, zapping energy and preventing restful sleep. It can make going about your regular day-to-day activities a painful drudge (especially if you drop something, taking several painful, embarrassing minutes to pick it up). Stiffness, unchecked by stretching or exercise can lead to a decreased range of movement, overworking some muscles and neglecting others, creating an unbalanced body because you have an incomplete range of motion.

Ultimately stiffness (provided it isn’t coming from a joint condition like arthritis) is reduced by stretching. We all know this; you may even make sure you stretch well in the morning or while you’re at work, but that isn’t solving the source of your stiffness, a body that’s out of balance.

Pilates creates a balanced body, with corrective exercises, developing your core strength and crucially your awareness of how your body moves.

Together with the rest of the Six Principles of Pilates, you bring your body back into balance and increase your flexibility. If you want to reduce stiffness, you must go to a traditional Pilates studio, like the Edinburgh Pilates Centre. We’re the longest running studio outside of London; our teachers have 40 years of experience. Teachers must assess your posture and flexibility levels before prescribing a tailor-made routine of exercise remedy the cause of your lack of flexibility and movement.

If you’re ready to tackle your lack of flexibility, get in touch.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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