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    At our pilates classes, we are catering for all abilities, and actively creating a welcoming and comfortable place. We are encouraging all the abilities here. We speak to the first-timers before the class commences, and specially train the less advanced people with the difficult moves.

    The way we are teaching pilates, is an excellent way for working through any kind of rehab needs. From our Pilates classes, you will be amazed by the power of movement towards healing body, mind as well as rehabilitation needs.

    But if you had undergone surgery, or suffering from pain at present, or else you are having a medical condition, then first attend a 1:1 session so we might observe to analyze you in detail. Hence, we can assess your posture, your movements, and recommend how should you move forwards – whether more than 1:1 classes or group classes.

    Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes like a T-shirt with leggings, or t-shirts with tracksuit bottoms, or else shorts of a significant length with the T-shirts. Do not ever wear singlets.

    Do not wear shoes on the machines as per rule, but wear clean socks.

    You need to attend 3 sessions each week to witness the quickest results. Whatever you learn in class, you use a lot of it in your daily life for improving your posture. Practice the system at home as we instruct how should you do it for the effect to be better.

    Pilates will help you to be aware of your body and how should you take care of your body. Our bodies have to tolerate long hours of incorrect standing and sitting that causes the postural muscles to become underused, forcing the superficial muscles to do the tasks which further welcome all sorts of problems. Muscles lock up and become painful due to stress or emotional upheaval. Pilates classes are of a relaxing nature, that will ultimately help in undoing these tensions. Pilates classes will be reshaping your body, and give flatter abdominal muscles. You shall end up feeling better!

    Pilates will definitely help with flexibility. All the exercises emphasize making all the muscles longer and stronger. Although we won’t be able to change the muscles’ genetic length yet we shall instruct and train you on how should you make your muscles flexible. As you stretch your muscles, you will also work to bring them into balance – it is the beauty of Pilates.

    First, you have to consult your doctor before you start on with any exercise when you are pregnant.  Once your doctor allows you, then you can safely practise Pilates. Still, it is extremely important to constantly communicate with your trainer or instructor from the beginning till the end.

    You will start to feel the difference in ten sessions. After 20 sessions, you will be able to see the difference. After 30 pilates sessions, you shall have a completely transformed body.

    Some people start feeling the difference after 10 pilates sessions – for instance, they can sense they are moving easily and with flexibility. With longer persistence, you shall see and feel your body shape slowly changing.

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