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    Hands on teaching with Pilates

    I’m delighted that you’ve joined me today! I wanted to talk to you about the importance of hands-on teaching with Pilates practice.
    To get the most out of your Pilates workout, you need two things: traditional Pilates equipment and an experienced teacher to guide you through your workout.
    Why? For several reasons:

    1. AThree things you need for you Pilates workoutttention. Every single person has a unique life with different commitments and a unique body that responds to exercises in different ways. An expert teacher in a little class can spot the small improvements you might miss and encourage you, pointing out the small gains you’ve made and where you’ll be as you continue practising as the months go by. A large class prevents that kind of attention to detail- it simply isn’t possible to give that level of focus and quality guidance
    2. Expertise. To effectively develop Precision and Control (part of the six principles of Pilates) as you go through your practice, you need to be taught by an expert. Pilates has many seemingly simple exercises are deceptively complex. They develop awareness of your body, developing that wonderful dialogue that allows you to glide home at the end of a workout. To learn the exercises (and the principles) you need the help of an expert on hand to teach you exactly what muscles to move and by how much of a degree.
    3. Care. Hands on teaching can stop you pushing yourself too far, straining muscles that aren’t ready for it, undoing the progress you make. This is especially important in the cases of injury recovery. A committed teacher will be able to catch this immediately before you go too far. It’s only possible in a small class of around five people.


    If you want to enjoy expert Pilates instruction and guidance, in a beautiful warm welcoming studio, why not get in touch?
    Thanks for stopping by!

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