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How to tell if you’re getting high quality Pilates teaching

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With regards to Pilates teaching, I wanted to share with you how to know if you’re getting the highest quality teaching that your body deserves.

  1. Does you Pilates teacher check-in with you at the start of every class? This is important because your progress High Quality Pilatesneeds to be monitored, celebrated and your routine (which should be tailored to your body) will need to be adapted as your body returns to balance.
  2. Does your Pilates teacher know what your goal is? Pilates is not a one-size fit all solution. If you want to improve posture, you’ll have a different goal from someone who is wanting to aid their recovery from a knee injury.
  3. Does your Pilates teacher know of any health concerns or injuries? I can’t stress this enough; a high-quality Pilates teacher will have assessed your health and asked about any injuries before allowing you to start.
  4. Does your Pilates teacher monitor you throughout the duration of your class? Pilates is about precision. You are making movements of literal millimetres, a highly trained Pilates teacher will correct your actions (as necessary) to ensure you don’t overstress muscles.
  5. Does your Pilates teacher explain what muscles you’ll be using and what to expect? Pilates brings your body into balance, bringing weak little-used muscles back to strength. It’s crucial that your teacher explains what you’ll feel, for example, you should expect to feel a muscle stretching but not to hear any tendons cracking.

If you have any questions about Pilates practice, why not get in contact with us?

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