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How often should I do Pilates?

When people start their Pilates journey it’s very common to ask how often. After all, we are keen to see results yet we don’t want to do too much too soon – or we rush in full steam ahead! The answer is that it truly depends on each individual. For beginners especially, consistency is important: two to three times a week is enough to start seeing noticeable changes. However, one of the many benefits to Pilates is that it is safe to practise daily.

Let’s make it clearer…

To work out the ideal number of sessions for you, a great place to start is your ‘why’. It is common for clients to practise Pilates for a number of reasons, so honing in on why you take part is key. What has brought you to the practise? Is it to help you perform better in a separate sport? Is it general strengthening and toning of the muscles? Or do you have a physical issue that needs addressing?

If you are someone already engaged in other sporting activities, once a week may work well for you. This supplementary session serves as an addition to your fitness routine and can aid performance in other areas. It allows you to keep moving and still work out but at a lower intensity.  

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If you are working with a goal of improving your overall health then more frequent sessions may be advised, especially at the beginning or if you are returning after a break. Consistent habits equal results.

If you are working towards a more specific aim, such as rehabilitation, Pilates should be done multiple times per week – once enough may not be enough to make the significant change you require. If you are working to ease lower back pain or recover from an injury, for example, it is more likely that an instructor will give you an individualised plan to follow.

Even though Pilates is low impact, it is still important to make sure there is plenty of variety in your programme – you will need a wide range of exercises to ensure you keep progressing and developing optimally. Having rest days to recover and working different muscle groups over different days is still advised. It is also important to listen to how you are feeling, so that you can be present in each session. Your body will thank you!

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