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    How Pilates Can Help with Arthritis

    Suffering from arthritis (chronic inflammation and swelling of the joints) can severely impact your day to day life. Here, at The Edinburgh Pilates Centre, you can see how pilates can help with arthritis by working one on one with Chris to tailor an exercise regime to help alleviate pain, directly from the source. Pilates has been shown to benefit sufferers as it helps develop resistance to further damage, and can improve symptoms dramatically.

    What is arthritis?

    When a person suffers from arthritis, the surface of their joints become damaged, causing the cartilage that covers the bones to become both thinner and more rough. The tissues within the joint also become swollen and inflamed, and tiny bony spurs can form. Left untreated, symptoms can worsen, severely damaging the body. This makes movement very tiring and painful – extreme fatigue is a common result. The disease affects many millions of people each year, and so it is increasingly important to incorporate a routine, such as Pilates, to keep joints healthy and strong as both a preventative measure and as a way of easing pain.

    Why Pilates?

    Pilates is an especially beneficial exercise for arthritis for a number of reasons. Firstly, it keeps the body highly mobile. This is ideal, as arthritis causes joints to become more and more stiff over time, which makes them painful to use. It may seem counterintuitive to move when it hurts, but being static allows arthritis to develop further. Regular Pilates exercises will encourage increased flexibility, and many sufferers have noted a great reduction in pain because of this. As you develop your practise, you will also improve your overall strength and posture, which helps maintain a healthy body. If you want to find out more, watch this short video, which introduces three foundational movements you can try at home:

    How Pilates can help with Arthritis:

    Pilates is also great for mind-body integration, which can bring a greater sense of well-being. Even though Pilates is known for its emphasis on the core development, it works the whole body and allows you to focus the mind as you move through the different exercises. This is an important benefit: arthritis can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to live with, so practicing body awareness can make a huge difference. You will feel empowered by your ability to enact change and see results. Pilates is incredibly accessible too – with an experienced trainer like Chris, you can get started quickly. As it is low-impact, it is also perfect for all ages and energy levels too. It can be entirely modified to your individual needs to ensure the best results.

    Whether you have arthritis and are looking to improve your health, or you are simply interested in starting Pilates, get in to touch with Chris today to book an assessment class!

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