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How Pilates can help create perfect posture

Thank you so much for joining me today! Today I want to talk to you about posture.
You might have a desk job, that is oh so slowly, giving you round shoulders and a stiff neck that is plaguing you on your commute home. Or perhaps you find yourself slouching throughout the day, you straighten, but before you know what’s happening you’re slouching again.

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You shouldn’t feel bad about this as from the time you learned to walk; you unknowingly chose a way of moving. As a result, favoured muscles become strong, little-used muscles become weaker. Then throw in the physical toll of work (be it sitting at a desk or working on your feet all day) you might accidentally create a posture that is doing you more harm than good because your body is out of balance at a muscular level.
The most important thing to consider if you want to improve your posture is: what is perfect posture? I’ve seen models stalking down a catwalk – and so many people believe models have ’perfect posture’- all I wanted to do was fix them. For me, perfect posture is the result of a body that is in perfect proportion. All muscles are working in harmony with one another. Everybody has an individual posture, as each person lives a unique life. There will be no one set of exercises that improves posture; you should have a routine designed for you by a professional.
Like improving core strength or flexibility, Pilates can help with posture. Pilates can help by creating a beautiful dialogue with your body, undoing age old habits with corrective exercises and by increasing awareness of your body. You can improve your posture, how quickly you do so will depend on your age, your physical health and how often you do the exercises.
If you’re sick of slouching or you’ve had enough of the pain caused by working on a laptop, get in touch.
Thank you so much for joining me today. If you’ve got any questions about how Pilates could help you, why not get in touch?
Have a wonderful day!

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