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How Pilates can help injury recovery

I’m delighted that you’re joining me today. I want to talk to you about how Pilates can help support your recovery from injury.

Clients regularly arrive at the Edinburgh Pilates Centre in pain from an injury. The most common injuries or complaints are lower back pain, knees, necks, thumbs and shoulders. These clients know that they need to invest in their health so that they can have peak health and mobility.
With the right guidance, support and attitude, you can speed up your recovery from injury with Pilates.
Firstly it’s about having a tailored made approach to your body, to your injury. With all clients, regardless with what you want to improve, be it posture or recovery from injury – there is no one size fits all solution. This is why traditional Pilates, guided by a bodywork professional is vastly superior to a Pilates gym class, especially with regards to injury recovery.

knee injury Pilates excercise
Secondly, it’s about your attitude and your ability to find the time to do the exercises. If a client has a knee injury, we recommend exercises that help to build up the Vastus Medialis muscle (part of the quadriceps group that extends down the femur) as well as exercises to stabilise the injury. If you’re able to do the exercises several times a day, you will see improvement sooner than someone with the same injury which can only find the time to do so twice a day.
Every client is unique, with a unique body, a unique way of moving that body with a unique lifestyle.
At the Edinburgh Pilates Centre, we encourage, always. If you’re only able to do your exercises once a day, you aren’t failing, you’re doing your very best.
There isn’t a single approach to injury recovery, drugs, massage, herbs and tailored exercises all have their part to play in your recovery.
If you have an injury that you’re determined to overcome and want to know more about how Pilates could help you, why not get in contact.
Thank you so much for stopping by!

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