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    How Pilates Can Help Reduce Stress

    Now that we’re well on our way into the New Year, we hope everyone has managed to keep up with Pilates over Christmas. As we get back into our everyday routines it can be difficult to balance a healthy mind and body with the stresses of work or caring for a family. We all battle with the stresses of everyday life, but some people are more affected by stress than others. Stress can have a debilitating effect on our minds and bodies, but all is not lost! Pilates can help reduce stress and by working on your mindset, you can seriously improve your performance levels both in the studio and in your everyday life.

    Pilates can help reduce stress by providing a safe environment for the body to relax and release pent-up tension. Pilates gives you a moment to yourself each day where the mind can relax and focus on the present moment. By focusing on your breath, your body provides oxygen to the blood which triggers your brain to calm down.

    One of the ways of battling stress is by first understanding its effect on the body. Let’s have a look at some now:

    Stress can slow recovery

    Research shows stress can make you more tired than usual which, in turn, makes it harder to tackle your everyday activities. When stress is allowed to take over, you can become completely drained, leaving you running on nothing, decreasing your chances of recovery after a session in the studio.

    Stress can increase the chances of injury

    Stress increases your muscle tension. If you’re stressed your muscle tension is already tight so you could be more likely to injure yourself during a workout. Remember to focus on your breath and allow yourself more of a warm up if you know that stress is affecting you that day.

    Stress can slow weight loss

    If you’re stressed it can be harder to overcome mental barriers when it comes to staying on track with health goals. If you let the pressure mount then exercises and healthy eating regimes may suffer as a result!

    Remember, if stress is taking its toll, getting yourself into the studio can seriously improve the pent-up tension that builds up over the day. So the next time you feel like stress is getting the better of you, give Chris a call and book an your next stress free Pilates class!

    Pilates Can Help Reduce Stress

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