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How Pilates Can Help With Back Pain


Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m going to be talking about back pain, something that most people are a bit too familiar with once they get past thirty years old.

Back Pain

One day it just appears, and then you’re left aching to reach for the Tiger Balm or Deep Heat for some relief, but they never get rid of it altogether. ‘Pilates can help with back pain’ this is true, but it’s critical that you know the cause of your back pain.

Often clients come to the Edinburgh Pilates Centre as a last resort to solve their back pain, but so much back pain can be avoided.

When you begin working out with Pilates, you need to know the reason you have this pain. It could be tight muscles, posture problems, arthritis or the side effect of an old injury. You should see your GP if you haven’t already to diagnose the exact cause of your pain.

Pilates teaches you how to work with your body and develop awareness of how you move. For example, you might discover that you lean forward slightly when you walk, putting pressure on your spine in the area that pains you. A realisation like that through Pilates practice is a golden moment. From there, you can start to build the foundations of good habits that will support your body, with muscles working in balance with each other.

I would strongly recommend that if you are going to Pilates to ease back pain that you attend a studio class. Partly to guarantee that you will do the exercises (as we all have so much to do, working out at home can be a challenge) and also to have the expertise of a professional Pilates coach to guide and encourage you through your exercises. We can see when you’re pushing yourself too far, something you won’t get from a Pilates gym class.

If you’re currently working with a physiotherapist, and would like to add in Pilates to your bodywork, rest assured we regularly worked with other specialists. We can create a routine that works in harmony with other bodywork professionals.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

If you’ve got any questions about how Pilates could help your back pain, why not get in touch?

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