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    Keeping up with Pilates Over Christmas

    Busy periods of time, like Christmas, can often show us that life itself can be your Pilates class. Keeping up with pilates over Christmas doesn’t need to be a challenge, you can simply incorporate the movements into your holiday routine!

    In this video Chris talks about the functional ways Pilates can help in your everyday life, and even more so during the holiday period. We carry heavy bags of shopping, lift Christmas trees in and out of cars, not to mention the strenuous act of decorating a tree! Although we are resting from work, it is also quite a physical time, with more labour-intensive cooking and present wrapping, so it can be a great opportunity to notice the benefits of a strong, more balanced and flexible body.

    Although, these ‘everyday life’ exercises can be useful for keeping up with pilates over Christmas, Chris still recommends attending a class once a week or practising at home to reap the full rewards.

    But remember! It is also absolutely fine to sit back, take a breath and enjoy yourself during this time, remembering that you will be able to get back into it again very shortly. Even if you simply focus on retaining excellent posture while you wrap presents or start each morning with a series of warm up exercises, you can continue to reap the benefits and avoid aches and pains.

    Overall, make time for yourself and your loved ones. By staying mindful, and focusing on your breathing, we can see Christmas for what it truly is – a great opportunity to build relationships and recover from a busy year. Small habits add up, so if you feel able to add Pilates into your day, fantastic, and if not – we’ll see you back in the studio in January!

    Happy holidays!

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