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    Mindfulness – Active Aging Life Changing Challenges Series

    mindfulnessThank you so much for joining me here today. As part of our Life Changing Challenges Series, I thought cultivating mindfulness would be the perfect addition.

    Mindfulness is, simply put, focusing the entirety of your attention on the present moment, with regards to any activity.

    As you’ve no doubt heard, countless times over the news and in the day to day of your life, we live a frantic existence in this day and age. We scroll through Facebook while we watch TV after a hard days work, and work can still email us while we’re trying to make dinner. Throw in the pervasiveness of social media, responsibilities at home and in professional life, it can sometimes feel like there are increasing demands on your attention. All together it makes focusing more challenging and unwinding a seemingly impossible task.

    The process of mindfulness has many positive benefits- greater focus, greater depth of relaxation, reduced stress, improved health and reduced anxiety. Find out more about the benefits of mindfulness, with empirical evidence here.

    There are many ways to practice mindfulness, often the most popular practices are yoga, tai-chi or meditation, but in reality, your options are so much wider.

    • You can practice mindfulness by reading literature, in silence, with no other distractions, in as small amount of time as fifteen minutes.
    • By practising Pilates, as you must focus 100% on precision and control of the movements, to the exclusion of all other thoughts.
    • By cooking. Mindfulness is cultivated by focusing solely on methodical chopping, sautéing, meditatively stirring the food, experiencing the aromas and flavours in the present.
    • By taking up a craft such as knitting, crochet, painting or even adult colouring books. All give you an opportunity to practice mindfulness by focusing only on the task at hand to create feelings of relaxation and peace.

    Love and blessings,
    Chris Blagdon

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