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Minimum Effort, Maximum Effect: Toning Your Figure With Pilates

toningThere exists an awful phrase to describe how the body changes its distribution of weight with age, the ‘middle age spread’. While it is entirely natural for this to happen, many people do not appreciate the aesthetic changes. You do not have to exercises feverishly to maintain the figure you had at 28. Rather you need to exercise intelligently, focusing on the areas that can slowly lose their definition without exercise being taken.

A toned body is a beautiful side effect of Pilates. Many clients and students keen for this side effect fall in love with the everlasting, more potent benefits of Pilates- energy, flexibility and a healthy posture.

A defined waist, streamlined hips, and toned legs that create an aesthetically flattering figure stems from the Pilates powerhouse: a healthy posture, strong core and gluteal muscles that aren’t just sat on day after day.

To get the benefits of Pilates, have a routine tailored to suit your body and lifestyle (including health problems or injuries) by going to a traditional studio.

With all movements flowing through your core, it is essential to develop your core strength (and in turn flatten your stomach while tightening and defining your waist). To do so may include exercises on the Wunda chair, which will work the rectus abdominous muscles and leg muscles, your teacher will determine the number of repetitions. To strengthen your leg and gluteal muscles and in turn increase tone and definition you may be prescribed exercises on the Reformer.

By following your activities in class and practising as often as you can at home, you’ll see lasting improvements in energy, flexibility and how your figure looks.

If you’ve got any questions about Pilates and how it could fit in with your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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