How old it too old to start exercising?

How old is too old to start exercising?

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Thank you for joining me today – I wanted to talk to you about how old is too old to start exercising.

photoNow, you’re probably saying ’never’ as that’s what we’re always told. But let’s be honest, some types of activities aren’t that suitable or safe to do as you get older. Contact sports run a high risk of injury; then there’s the gym. In our youth we can throw ourselves around equipment with a devil may care exuberance, and we’d see the benefits quickly, less so as we get older. If you’re getting back into exercising, or perhaps want to start now that you’re in middle age, it can be underwhelming when you can’t find an exercise that works with your age, not against it.

Joseph Pilates said ‘We retire too early and die too young, our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100.’

Pilates is for everyone, for any age. It doesn’t matter that you begin exercising at 45 or 55, that you’re starting Pilates is the most energising step you could take.

For example, Pilates can help you increase your bone density, as you can ‘jump’ on the reformer machine, lying down. This kind of ‘jump’ giving the high impact exercises your bones need to increase their density, with little worry chance of injury. That is but one example; you’ll benefit from improved circulation, stronger lungs and more energy.

With traditional Pilates, you’ll be assessed by a professional teacher before beginning so that you start exercising safely, no matter what level of fitness you have.

If you’re ready to try Pilates, get in touch.

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