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Why Pilates DVDs aren’t worth your time

pilates dvdsMany people use Pilates DVD’s. Compared to a Pilates gym class, with their mat work focus, I can see the appeal of a Pilates DVD. No crowded, sweaty class, no blaring music, no changing rooms to deal with or all the mirrors – by contrast following a Pilates DVD in the comfort of your home is much more pleasant experience.

But it’s not a precise experience for your body.

Firstly, one of the fundamental principles of Pilates is precision. The movements are deceptively simple and require you to move muscles literal millimetres. Precision in Pilates is taught by hands-on teaching, and unlike a DVD, an experienced Pilates teacher will guide you through this process while explaining what you should expect to feel in the muscles. Pilates DVD’s are one size fits all, which isn’t effective if you’re trying to ease back pain or an injury.

Secondly, these DVDs can’t help you to create a body that’s in balance because they have to miss out on exercises that require specialist Pilates equipment, like the Wunda chair, like the Cadillac and the Reformer. These are large pieces of standalone equipment, and their use is part of a bespoke Pilates routine to create a body that works in energised muscular balance. Weak muscles are developed and overworked muscles are rested to gain the full benefits of Pilates.

If you’re tempted to ditch the DVD and try a class to reap the benefits, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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