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Pilates for energy

Thank you so much for joining me again today.

Energy PilatesToday I want to talk to you about increasing your energy. It’s one of life’s weird little quirks that if you’re tired, all the time (provided there’s no underlying cause) exercising will give you energy. You have to spend energy when you feel like you have none, to gain it. Even the NHS recommends exercise to combat tiredness and fatigue (source).

While that’s the case, it can seem like an impossible task. After a demanding day at work plus extra responsibilities at home can make the thought of working out like one ask too far. You want to relax, to unwind in peace- not throw yourself around a crowded, loud, smelly gym.

Clients love exercising at the Edinburgh Pilates Centre for several reasons. It’s warm, there’s art on the walls, classical music plays softly in the background, and the class sizes are tiny (5 people maximum). The atmosphere is one of quiet focus as clients concentrate on the precision of their movements. The studio is a space to both unwind and exercise. Creating relaxation and energy for your daily life while increasing your flexibility, strength, concentration and empowerment.

It is the absolute opposite of a loud, crowded gym or fitness class, so much more pleasant than running in the cold evening, or half-heartedly following a fitness DVD. Exercising creates energy; Pilates is one of the most energising supportive routines you could do, why not try it and see how you feel?
We can promise you’ll glide out of the class, energised and ready to take on the world.

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