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Pilates to Improve Performance

Pilates to improve performanceI spent a lot of time sharing with you exactly how Pilates can help you – especially if you have health concerns such as arthritis, sciatica, posture problems or back pain. But, what if instead of health concerns, you were thinking about Pilates as a way to improve your overall athletic performance?

If you enjoy playing any kind of sport then you know that it takes more than just practice to see regular improvement. During the recent Olympics did you wonder why many athletes include Pilates as part of their training? It’s down to the benefit of improved performance – regardless of the sport in question.

Pilates can help to reduce injury by strengthening your back muscles and improving your flexibility. Pilates also teaches you greater control of your body. Because the movements you make require absolute precision, you gain utter control over muscles you were previously unaware of. Depending on the sport you play, you may find that you’ll enjoy more power because of increased core strength, as you begin to create a strong, active core which supports your body in all movement.

Pilates creates a body in balance, with all your muscles working in harmony. The benefit of this is stopping potentially harmful habitual movements, such as putting too much pressure on your left knee, from turning into painful problems that may affect your enjoyment of sports later on.

Whatever your goal or training habits, we’re able to help and advise you on the routine that will support you and the sport you love.

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