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Pilates or Massage?

Pilates or Massage? What is better for back pain?

massageIf you suffer from a sore back, you probably promise yourself a massage to alleviate your suffering, soothe your muscle spasms and return you to normality. Massages are wonderful, deeply relaxing and a soothing treat after a hard week- but if you’ve got back pain they’re not ideal for solving the cause of the problem.

(Always speak to your doctor about why you keep getting back pain to check there isn’t a serious underlying reason.)

Back pain, which affects so many, is often caused by habitual movements that create pain and an unbalanced body. Massages temporarily soothe and ease discomfort, treating the symptoms, where Pilates treats the cause, undoing bad habits and creating a balanced body, helping to lessen back pain.

For example, you have a desk job, which keeps you sitting 8 hours a day, with your head down, creating tension across your shoulders and down your back. You assume this is the source of your pain. With Pilates practice, you would grow aware of how you walk; perhaps you lean forward slightly from the hips, which places more strain on your back. Maybe you’ll discover that your core muscles aren’t in balance, that the stomach muscles weak but back muscles overworked. Traditional studio Pilates, with a teacher that assess your posture before prescribing a routine to ease your back pain, is the long term solution to your back pain woes.

If you ever have any questions about how Pilates could help you, even if you have existing or old injuries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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