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Weight loss with Pilates

I’m delighted that you’re joining me here today!
I want to talk to you about Pilates for weight loss. When people want to lose weight, they immediately think of intense exercises like running, but Pilates can help with weight loss (alongside a calorie controlled diet).

Traditional Pilates is tailored to your body (even if you’re carrying an extra stone or two), you’ll be assessed by your Pilates teacher before you begin your first class. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or that you’re recovering from an injury, an expert Pilates teacher in a traditional studio can adapt the routines to fit your specific needs and ensure you don’t push yourself too far. You’ll also get encouragement – that much needed factor when you’re losing weight.

Weight loss with PilatesOne of the core principles of Pilates is Empowerment. Creating a balanced body feels good, you’ll glide out of a Pilates class. That’s how a great workout should make you feel, energised and ready for more, not aching and sore. You may find that you’ll continue with Pilates long after you’ve reached your weight loss target!

If you’re overweight, you may feel uncomfortable in a gym. The bright lights, the fashion, the overcrowding and the lack of guidance can be off-putting for many people. That could not be further from the atmosphere at Edinburgh Pilates Centre. Our studio is warm, calm, with bright art on the walls, classical music playing in the background of a tiny class of five. It’s a sacred space for you to work out, losing weight as you create a balanced body that operates in harmony with your life.
If you’ve any question about how Pilates could help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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