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    Pilates, Yoga or Body Balance?

    A common question that gets asked to the Edinburgh Pilates Centre is whether they should do Pilates, Yoga or Body Balance. To help, we’ve summarised the three areas that we advise you think about in your decision making process.

    What are you looking to gain?

    Are you looking for rehabilitation from an injury? Yoga and Pilates both offer methods for reducing physical pain from an injury and regaining health. Pilates particularly was founded with rehabilitation and recovery in mind physically. Pilates focuses more on your core, your posture and the ability to listen to your body. Although there is a meditative state needed to complete Pilates, this is more so in Yoga. If you are looking for a mental and emotional process as well with a physical element to it, then Yoga may be more what you are looking for. Body Balance is a mixture of Yoga and Pilates moves with a meditation at the end and is often more popular at local gyms. Body Balance offers the benefits of both Yoga and Pilates to popular songs which many people enjoy. It is, therefore, more engaging for those that are looking to gain the benefits of Yoga and Pilates without a specific injury or mental goal in mind.

    Are you looking for a group or bespoke environment?

    You can often find all three offered at your local gym in a group environment. As Pilates and Yoga are more specific – whether it be building strength or rehabilitating a certain area or connecting to yourself –  than Body Balance they are better to do in a more bespoke environment. We would advise that for Pilates and Yoga you look for classes that are smaller and that are led by a teacher that takes the time to understand you and your goals.

    What key factors should you take into account?

    Firstly, the teacher. Even if you choose the one that is the best fit for your injuries, personality and available time, if the teacher is unable to understand you and your body then you won’t be going very far. The teacher is crucial to engaging with the exercises, getting the right technique and having a positive experience. We would advise that you go to meet the teacher for an assessment or a general enquiry meeting to ensure that they are right for you. Secondly, what matters more is that you are enjoying the process and seeing positive results mentally and physically. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t connect with one of them that your friends or your research online raves about. That’s ok – do you.

    Listen to Chris explain why he recommends Pilates

    If you would like to understand more about Chris’ teaching at the Edinburgh Pilates Centre, get in touch with him on 0131 652 1904 to find out more or book an assessment class.

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