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    Post Pregnancy Pilates

    Once you’ve given birth, depending on your personal circumstances (such as health, type of birth you had, lifestyle, etc.) after your six-week post-natal check-up, you may be considering taking up exercising again. Providing you’ve had the OK from your doctor, why should you bother taking Pilates classes over any other type of activity?

    According to the NHS:

    post pregnancy“Your lower back and core abdominal muscles are weaker than they used to be. Your ligaments and joints are also more supple and pliable, so it’s easier to injure yourself by stretching or twisting too much.” (source)

    The benefits that Pilates offers its students are never more beneficial than after pregnancy: Pilates is well known for strengthening your back and your core.

    Pilates develops your core strength and in turn your pelvic floor, which will support any postnatal exercises you have been doing. You’ll also bring your body back to balance. Overworked muscles are supported, their stress and aching eased as weak muscles take their equal share. If you’ve recently developed a painful back for the first time during your pregnancy, Pilates may be the solution you need to return your body to its pre-pregnancy balance.

    As the quote from the NHS says, “it’s easier to injure yourself by stretching or twisting too much.” This is where with a traditional Pilates teacher, you can reduce that risk. With tiny class sizes, we’re on hand to guide you, monitor your progress and ensure that you don’t over exert yourself.

    If you’re curious about trying Pilates post pregnancy, drop us a line. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Thank you so much for dropping by!

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