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6 Exhilarating Ways to Push Your Body

Hello! Recently, I introduced a new topic to the blog: Active Ageing. I’m thrilled to introduce a new series on the topic: Life-Changing Challenges. Today, and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some fantastic challenges to undertake which will shake up your everyday life (in a good way!), introduce you to a new and rewarding activity or skill, and most importantly, show you you’re capable of amazing things.

1648_cepcWhen we get stuck in a rut, or bored with our routine, we tend to hear the same sorts of advice. Join a pottery class, or a walking group, or a bridge group. These new, sometimes forced, hobbies often don’t stick, or engage us enough to want to continue them. Sometimes we know we need something new and exciting in our lives… but we have no idea where to start! Where do we find that new focus and passion?

So let’s talk about the transforming effect of crazy, exhilarating challenges. It’s very easy to never really take big, fat risks, which means we cheat ourselves out of ever getting to enjoy those big, fat rewards. These are the kinds of things which if you dive into them headfirst, could change your life. If you give them the effort and commitment they deserve, they will pay you back tenfold in excitement, creativity, endorphins, new friendships or strengthened relationships and of course that wonderful sense of achievement and pride in yourself if you succeed!

There’s no age limit on adventure. So what will your next life-changing challenge be?

6 Exhilarating Ways to Push Your Body

Today, I put on my thinking cap so that I can share some great challenges to get fitter with you lovelies!
It’s the world’s worst kept secret that exercise is hugely beneficial in countless ways for keeping not only our bodies healthy, but also our minds. And that means for everyone, including older adults like ourselves. 

So why do we find it so difficult to get around to exercising sometimes? Lack of motivation is a common complaint when people are asked why they don’t exercise, or exercise more. Challenges where you’re fighting alongside other people, and working towards a common goal can provide that motivation, which is where charity events come in. Doing a little good as well as doing something awesome for you and your body? Well, that’s an added bonus.

Here are a few physical challenges local (or close to) Edinburgh which you could have a blast training for and undertaking.

1. Run – Fun Run for Charity
Fun runs, apart from getting you moving, have the added benefit of almost always being an unforgettably silly day out. Whether it’s the Jingle Bell Jog (everyone dressed as Santa) or a 5k around the Falkirk Kelpies, it’s a great way to get active and have a laugh, and you’ll often see participants spanning a huge age range. Run it, walk it, get as far as you can, and enjoy that pat on the back you can give yourself at the finish line.

2. Walk Moonwalk for Charity
Raise money for breast cancer and walk beautiful through Edinburgh at night! You can pick between a few different challenges: New Moon (6.55 miles), Half Moon (13.1 miles), Full Moon (26.2 miles), Over The Moon (52.4 miles).

3. Walk – Workplace Walking Challenges
More interested in a walking challenge which isn’t over in one night? Try a workplace walking challenge like Stepcount. Gather a team in your workplace, sign up and you’ll be given pedometers to compete with other teams to hit a footstep count (and get entered into a prize draw for your troubles). If you’re into your UK history, there’s also 10000stepsUK, in which your workplace tries to achieve 10k steps a day for 10 weeks, and as your total steps increase, your team moves through a virtual UK map on the website, giving you interesting facts and tidbits along the way.

3. Bike – Night Ride for Charity
The Night Ride is a fantastic one day charity bike ride event which takes you 50 miles around Edinburgh – see the sunset over the coast, cycle through beautiful Georgian streets under the moon and stars, and pass iconic sights along the way, including Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, The Forth Bridges, Scottish Parliament Buildings and Holyrood Palace. A great reason to get on your bike and start training.

5. Bike Love to Ride
Love to Ride run cycling challenges with the goal of encouraging more people to cycle, and making cycling safer in our communities. Register to track your progress all year round, add your own goals and earn badges for riding. They have a Winter Riding Promo coming up soon, and in 2017 they’ll be running Ride to Work Week in March, Bike Week in June and Cycle September!

6. Climb a Summit Hills & Mountains for Charity
Not so interested in walking, running or cycling around the city? Get out of the hustle and bustle and challenge nature itself! Get sponsored and pick the charity of your choice, or pay a fee and just do it as a personal challenge and walk one of the UK’s hills or mountains (or a few of them!). You can even sign up for coastal walks over two or three days, and accomodation at night is included.

Any of these tickle your fancy? Or maybe you’ve already got your own challenge all figured out! Tell me about it on Twitter, or share challenges you’ve done in the past which were absolutely worth it.
The Complete Life-Changing Challenges Series

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Love and blessings,
Chris Blagdon

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