How Specialist Pilates Equipment Enhances Your Workout

How Specialist Pilates Equipment Enhances Your Workout

equipmentToday, I wanted to share with you more information about the specialised equipment that a Traditional Pilates studio must have and about the benefits you’ll see from working with the tools of my trade.

Firstly, the most important equipment is a qualified, highly experienced teacher who will asses your posture, taking into account your lifestyle, health and any existing injuries. A teacher will prescribe a range of exercises to your body, and depending on what you’re looking to achieve (flexibility, ease lower back pain, etc.) you may work out on all or only some of these pieces. There is no one-size fits all approach.

Now let’s focus on the top three types of equipment you’ll see at a traditional Pilates Studio.

The Cadillac – Perhaps one of the most iconic, andcadillac unusual looking pieces of Pilates equipment you’ll ever see. A rectangular cage, looking not unlike a hospital bed without a mattress, with arm springs, leg springs and a push through bar. The most important benefit the Cadillac offers is that of precision and control. The Cadillac allows you to slowly break down negative habits of movements, relearning the correct way to move muscle groups to achieve a body working in balance.

reformerThe Reformer – Looking a little like a single bed, with the addition of a sliding carriage, with springs that can be adjusted for strength and resistance. Many exercises can be done on the Reformer, from a variety of positions including standing. The Reformer works the core, building flexibility, balance and strength.

The Wunda Chair – This unassuming piece of equiwunda chairpment works and profoundly strengthens core muscles with cushioned platform; adjustable spring loaded leaver and parallel risers. Extremely versatile, the Wunda chair can work out your core muscles, arms and legs.

If you’ve got any question about whether Pilates may be the right fit for you, get in touch.

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