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The Freedom of Running

runningToday I want to talk to you about running. It’s one of the most popular exercises out there, simple, easy, low cost (if you exclude the cost of a supportive pair of running shoes) and you can do it everywhere. Many runners run for exercise, relieve stress and raise funds. As we can see from the thousands and thousands taking part in marathons and half marathons like the Great North Run proves that it’s also about going further, pushing yourself to do better.

Cracking a new personal best starts with reviewing your foundation, and I’m not just talking about your shoes.
Your legs, your core, your habits of movement and your posture must all be working in harmony to achieve that coveted, ever improving personal best. Pilates helps to create a balanced body, and with running it’s very easy to become imbalanced, with certain muscles becoming overworked and others underused. What that leads to it every runners nemesis: persistent injuries, like back pain, tender ligaments or aching hips.

Pilates is all about the creation of harmonious balance in your body – which won’t just help reduce incidents of injury, but actually help give you MORE energy, help you to breathe correctly and more easily, and energise your body to go further and achieve more.

To unlock the benefits of Pilates and run towards your new personal best? For that you go to a professional Pilates studio, where your posture and habits of movement will be assessed to build a unique routine, tailored to your own goal, which will support your body on the path to achieving the very best.

If you’ve got any questions or injuries which are affecting your running, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you.

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