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The Myths of Pilates

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I wanted to talk to you today about some of the most common myths that surround Pilates- there are so many that needlessly put people off from trying Pilates.

The myths of PilatesMyth 1: It’s just a lot of sit-ups.
This myth stems from the Pilates gym classes that have sprung up in every local gym, where because of the vast class sizes the focus is on mat-work. This isn’t the case. Traditional Pilates uses a variety of equipment, such as Reformers, Cadillac or Wunda chair and mats. Pilates is a full body workout- not only sit-ups.

Myth 2: It’s like Yoga
Not at all true. There is no set routine in Pilates like the Sun Salutations that you would do in a yoga class. A traditional Pilates studio run by an experienced teacher will assess your posture, any injuries, lifestyle and give you a specific routine of exercises to follow, not so in yoga.

Myth 3: Pilates is only useful for getting a flat stomach.
A strong centre comes from developing your core muscles, and a result of Pilates practice can be a flat stomach, but Pilates also gives flexibility, improved posture, body awareness, a balanced body, a strong core and strength. You can gain so much more than a flat stomach.

Myth 4: You don’t need to be taught in person.
You do need to be taught in person. You need to be assessed by a professional teacher who can give you exercises specifically for your unique body to correct the patterns of movement that are creating stiffness, inflexibility and posture problems. Pilates books and Youtube video can’t give you that necessary attention.

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