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Traditional Pilates vs. Pilates Gym Class

When you think of Pilates, what do you imagine?
Is it variations of sit ups and leg raises in a large gym, with perhaps a yoga mat underneath to cushion your spine as you (and 20 others) go through a routine? You might get one moment with the teacher as they correct your position, but on the whole, you’re on your own.
That isn’t traditional Pilates.
It’s the equivalent of comparing cheap supermarket bread with a handmade organic sourdough loaf. Similar, but the experience and benefits are vastly different.
At Edinburgh Pilates Centre we teach traditional Pilates, as created by Joseph Pilates himself, and it can’t be further away from what most people imagine Pilates to be.

Firstly, our class sizes are small. There are no more than five students, and that is during busy times. You get the attention you deserve from a professional teacher. Your exercises are tailored to you, for what you want to achieve, be it strength or improved posture. With traditional Pilates, you aren’t left alone to fend for yourself, as your guide I’m there to stop you from pushing yourself too far while helping you to improve your technique.
Secondly, the studio is a warm, welcoming and calming space and not a cold, crowded gym lined with mirrors that you may have experienced in the past. There is specialist equipment in the studio so you can safely and efficiently follow your workout to the sound of classical music with beautiful art on the walls. All while supported by an experienced teacher who is actively watching your technique during your workout.
Empowerment and Simplicity.
To the six principles of Pilates, we added two more, empowerment and simplicity. Our principle of empowerment shines a stronger light on how we differ from gym based Pilates class. There you are lead through a standard routine. Here you’re told why you’re doing a particular exercise and how you can apply it to your daily life. It’s your choice to decide if you want to use these skills, but you have the choice to do so.

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