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    Pilates is a non-aerobic form of exercise that concentrates on body and muscle strengthening with an emphasis on posture correction and balance. This method improves general fitness as well as overall well-being. In pilates methods, the risk of injury is lower as compared to other strenuous forms. In our specialised Pilates classes in Edinburgh, our appointees are taught how to do the exercises; the exercises change as the body alters the shape, achieves new needs and acquires new skills.


    Pilates methods also focus on the mind to body connection. While exercising our mind needs to be aware constantly of our breathing system & the way our body moves. Apart from that, pilates methods focus on body posture, core strength, & flexibility. The health benefits of Pilates include:


    Good posture: You can gain & maintain a good body posture through pilates. This is highly beneficial for you if you have lower back pain.


    Muscle Tone: Pilates methods focus on your weaker muscles. After an initial soreness, your body muscles will be more toned. Pilates are good for aged people & those who are quite sedate as muscle tone is lost with physical inactivity and age.


    Flexibility and balance improvement: Proper Pilates classes restore body flexibility. Moreover, these methods improve our physical balance through proper body posture. The mind-body balance can also be restored through Pilates.


    Improves sense of well-being: Pilates focuses on improving the balance between our mind and body. It gives you a sense of well-being and effectively relieves stress.


    Pilates classes are safe and supervised throughout. This is ideal for both beginners and people who exercise regularly. However, pilates can not be recommended for those who have unstable blood pressure, severe osteoporosis, herniated disk and blood cot risks.

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